The Depth of Trance

Everyone’s experience of hypnosis is unique. There are some people who can experience very deep states of hypnosis, while for others; only a light state is possible. In this article we shall discuss the four main ‘Depth of Trance’ states. They are as follows: Light trance Apparent somnambulism True somnambulism Coma, or Esdaile, state Before […]

Help! I Can’t Be Hypnotized

Why you can be hypnotized even if you don’t believe it Hypnotherapy induces a natural and relaxing trance state • “I don’t think I can be hypnotized! I get distracted!” • “I’m sure I can’t be hypnotized – I’m too strong-willed!” • “I can’t be hypnotized; I’m terrified of handing over control to someone else!” […]

How to Achieve Maximum Results from Hypnosis

It is important to understand that you will not be in an ordinary sleep. Instead, you are super aware. Your attention is powerfully focused upon Cyrus’s voice. Do not try hard to be hypnotized. Instead treat the experience as play. Do not care if you are hypnotized, for you probably won’t know anyway, unless you […]

How Hypnosis Helps with Anxiety

Hypnosis is used for many purposes in the modern day. It has actually grown more in favor in recent years as a treatment for mental health issue, and hypnosis/hypnotherapy has become one of the more mainstream alternative treatments. Certified hypnotherapists today treat everything from cigarette addiction to skin diseases, as well as soothing patients in […]

How Hypnosis can help with Insomnia

You are getting very sleepy…. veeeerrrrryyyy sleepy…. If you have insomnia, those can be some very welcome words. Insomnia can be the result of worry, fears, anxiety, and badly functioning brain wave patterns. In order to fall asleep, your brain must go from a BETA brain wave into ALPHA. Alpha state is where everything is […]

Explanation of Hypnosis

Watch Video In the next few moments, you will learn how hypnosis can help you tap the powers of your Subconscious mind. We will remove common myths and misconceptions about hypnosis and explore some of its many uses. First, let’s dispel some of the common myths about hypnosis, correct some inaccuracies and learn the truth. […]


There are many indicators of hypnosis. You will experience some of these sensations in varying combinations, as well as in different degrees. * Arm, leg, general body heaviness * Flashing colors * Floating, drifting, lightness * Slowing pulse * Watering of eyes * Sensitive hearing * Temporary numbness * Feeling good, comfort * Tingling of […]

Can You Be Hypnotized?

You may be thinking, “Hypnosis sounds wonderful, but can I be hypnotized? I don’t think I can be. I’m very stubborn, I don’t have a good attention span and I hate to give up control.” Well, you may then be surprised to learn that you probably already experience hypnosis on a daily basis. Yes, you […]

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