Jason Cyrus ... Professional Hypnotist (C.H) Naturopath (N.C) Neuro Change Practitioner (NCP) Speaker & Self-Empowerment Expert

Private Hypnotherapy

Jason is considered by many professionals as one of the top hypnotherapists in the world working with clients virtually and one on one at 360 Health Centre in Moncton NB. He is a certified clinical hypnotherapist C.H (International Hypnosis Association), (National Guild of Hypnotist), certified with the Mike Mandle Hypnosis Academy (Neo-Ericksonian Hypnosis), Naturopath N.C (The Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada) and a member of the Alliance of Professional Naturopath and Naturotherapist.

Jason is able to help his clients reach their true potential while enhancing and improving their lives. He specializes in working with Athletes. The success and popularity of his shows and speaking engagements have increased his clientele as people travel from far to see him privately. Jason enjoys all aspects of his career. While he enjoys performing and speaking in front of large audiences, he also finds working one on one with clients very rewarding.

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