You may be thinking, “Hypnosis sounds wonderful, but can I be hypnotized? I don’t think I can be. I’m very stubborn, I don’t have a good attention span and I hate to give up control.”

Well, you may then be surprised to learn that you probably already experience hypnosis on a daily basis. Yes, you see hypnosis is a natural state of mind that we all typically experience everyday.

Have you ever found yourself completely immersed in an activity to the exclusion of everything else? That is a natural trance state. Common examples of this are while watching a movie and becoming transfixed in the plot. Or in working intently and finding that the last four hours have flown by without your conscious awareness. Perhaps you have been reading a book and been so transfixed that you did not hear someone come in and speak with you. Perhaps they surprised you or “woke” you from the state of mind and had to repeat their salutation to you.

Hypnosis is naturally experienced daily.

Hypnosis is not witchcraft, manipulation or magic. It simply is a tool that will allow you to tap into the power of your mind.

What Is Required to Be Hypnotized?

Hopefully, by now you beginning to realize that you need not make a deal with the devil or expect any negative side effects whatsoever from hypnosis. Indeed if that is the case, you absorb those liabilities on a daily basis.

All that is required to be hypnotized is a willingness and a minimum of an IQ level of 60.

If you have are not willing, then you will not focus, you will not concentrate on reaching this state of mind, and consequently you won’t. If you’re the sort of person who does not have a high level of “hypnotizablity,” than it merely means that different tools may be required and a longer time period may be required to put you into that special state of mind.

You can enter trance state anywhere you desire. Sounds, lights and external disturbances can themselves be incorporated into the hypnotic process called an induction. Often times incorporating these will make the hypnosis state easier to reach and more satisfying.

Why Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis works through the power of suggestion. In order to fully understand the how, it’s important to discuss the mechanics of your conscious and subconscious state.

Recall the last time you operated your vehicle. Perhaps it was to go to work, shopping or the doctor’s office. Think about that trip. Do recall the details of that drive? Most don’t, most people do not consciously drive their vehicles. For most people driving is an unconscious state of mind. They don’t say to themselves I must put the vehicle in gear, release the parking brake, check over my shoulder for oncoming traffic, signal to turn left, release the steering wheel to right the vehicle and on and on.

Driving is typically done unconsciously. Your subconscious is aware of everything that is happening but consciously you’re thinking about things you need to do, thinking things you want to watch on television later, or things you wished you would have said or done.

We tend to multitask all day long. We easily and naturally move between the conscious to the subconscious.

Take this simple test:

I fly a
A kite everyday

What did you see? Your selective conscious mind would probably have you focus on just the letters of the sentence structure. I’m certain you also saw the book your holding, possibly the floor beneath it and maybe the furniture that is beside you.

Consciously you became very selective of what you were processing. Subconsciously your awareness was fully engaged by all these other factors. In addition there certainly are other stimulus as well.

Perhaps once directed consciously you become aware of the sounds in the background or of the temperature of your surroundings. More than likely while taking the test those were not in your consciousness. By the way, did you read the “a” twice in the above box?

Sometimes in stress release programs people will say, “The only time I can turn things off is when I sleep.”

The ironic thing is that while you’re sleeping you’re not turning anything off. You are actually turning other things on. You are adjusting your state. You are entering a delta level of brain wave activity and rejuvenating yourself physically while your subconscious going right on working.

Have you ever had an issue you could not resolve? Or have you ever found yourself trying to remember the answer to a question that you know you know but cannot recall? If so, likely this information came to the forefront as soon as you quit trying to retrieve it. Maybe you woke up in the morning with it, or maybe as soon as you consciously directed your attention to other things your subconscious took over and delivered that information in no time at all.

The other day I was watching a program on artists. They had a number of songwriters on who spoke about how they had awaken in the night and written the biggest hit of their career without ever even being consciously aware of it until in the morning they found the composition sitting beside their bed.

How It Feels To Be Hypnotized

I’m sure you have seen zombie like characters in the movies and on television that are supposedly in a hypnotic state of mind. This common misconception can create an attitude of opposition to experiencing the hypnotic state and implants the suggestion that you lose all control during hypnosis.

In fact, when you are hypnotized you are in more control than when you are in the normal daily state. Remember, during hypnosis your blood flow is increased in the right anterior cingulate cortex. This suggests that there is an internal focus, not a complete release of control. You become internally focused, and your surrounding environment becomes less important and insignificant. If for any reason there was an emergency or your attention was needed, you would immediately emerge yourself to respond appropriately.
Emerge means to come to a full waking state.

When people are in a controlled hypnotized state of mind the body is typically very relaxed. They may appear to be asleep but the biological state is very different from sleep.

You may be slumped over, in a relaxed state. And while your body is relaxed your mind will be alert and perceptive of the suggestions it is receiving. All outside stimulus will become irrelevant. Your focus will be directly on the words of the suggestions you are receiving. Your breathing will be light and rhythmic. You will probably have a distorted sense of time. You will feel like you have been under for just a couple minutes, even if it has been sixty to ninety minutes.


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