Unlocking Business Brilliance

A Keynote Presentation designed exclusively for sales conferences

Elevate Your Sales Game

Are you ready to take your sales team to the next level? I’m thrilled to introduce my brand-new keynote, “Unlocking Business Brilliance,” designed exclusively for sales conferences.

In this presentation, you will discover three simple, yet powerful techniques that will transform the way you and your team internalize business goals. These methods are not only easy to learn but also immediately actionable, enabling you to boost your business performance from day one.


What you'll gain from this session

Self-Hypnosis Demonstration: Watch live as volunteers from the audience experience the power of self-hypnosis, a technique that will help you align your subconscious mind with your business objectives.

Transferrable Techniques: Learn practical methods that can be applied across various aspects of your professional and personal life to drive success.

Immediate Implementation: Walk away with tools you can use right away to start seeing results in your sales performance.

Unleash Your Team's Brilliance:
3 Powerful Techniques for Immediate Results

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This is what his corporate clients have to say...

Practical approaches to ingraining goals and enhancing business performance

It’s a widely recognized phenomenon that the impact of most motivational speeches tends to fade within 24 to 48 hours, with the majority of attendees reverting to their usual routines shortly thereafter. However, with a well-structured motivational program grounded in scientific understanding, genuine change becomes achievable. Contrary to common belief, failure to reach goals isn’t due to lack of desire or motivation, but rather a lack of practical strategies to maintain focus, Jason Cyrus is an unconscious coach offering insights into why top performers excel and how their habits can benefit anyone’s career and personal life. Jason’s program, “Unlocking Business Brilliance,” has resonated with audiences across North America. Jason uniquely blends humor and entertainment while delivering a crucial message: consistent self-motivation is the key to enduring success, offering an experience unparalleled in its impact.

What distinguishes the world’s top performers—be it salespeople, executives, or leaders—from the countless others who never realize their dreams? While talent, genetics, and connections are often cited, the truth is that most achievers succeed by consistently doing a little bit more than their competitors. They remain focused on their goals, dream big, and persevere through setbacks. The remarkable aspect is that anyone can emulate this approach. Success isn’t elusive; it’s the natural outcome of daily disciplined actions. However, despite sharing similar aspirations, many lack the motivation to pursue them effectively. Traditional motivational events often provide temporary inspiration, but attendees often struggle to sustain momentum. What’s needed isn’t just a temporary boost, but a system to maintain focus and drive every day. Booking Jason Cyrus offers precisely that—a blueprint for thinking and living bigger than ever imagined. Let him empower you and your team to achieve unprecedented success.

In this dynamic presentation, you will discover three simple, yet powerful techniques that will transform the way you and your team internalize business goals. These methods are not only easy to learn but also immediately actionable, enabling you to boost your business performance from day one.


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Unlocking Business Brilliance​






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