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Jason specializes in working with Athletes.

Jacob Melanson 5th Round Pick of the Seattle Kraken
(National Hockey League)

The first step in achieving your goals is a winning mindset. Winners don't win by accident.

Sports Hypnotherapy

Winners are intentional about everything they do–the way they feel, the way they think and what they believe.

Of course, hours of dedication and a high level of commitment are required; however, they have something else not everyone has–a winning mindset. Sports Hypnosis is the missing piece of the puzzle that allows you to master the mental toughness required to reach your Peak Performance goals. As an athlete myself throughout my entire life, I am able to uniquely connect with high performing athletes using Sports Hypnotherapy to elevate their mindset. I have received an overwhelming response from athletes and I’m very excited to offer Sports Hypnotherapy for high performers.

Please contact me today to discuss how Sports Hypnotherapy can help you reach your goals. Good athletes train their bodies. Great athletes train their mind. Experience your highest potential with Peak Performance Sports Hypnotherapy.

Experience Your Highest Potential


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High-Level Hockey Performance

Jacob Melanson Signs with Seattle


Matt (Spartan Racer- Sahara desert)


Looking to lose weight? Stop smoking? Gain confidence? Reduce Anxiety?

Medically approved, Safe, and Effective

Hypnotherapy is a medically approved, safe and effective way to overcome problems in your life and reach your goals.

Hypnosis is a natural state of awareness that is reachable when you are fully relaxed. In this state, your subconscious mind is focused and receptive to positive, beneficial suggestions that can alleviate the problems you want to address. 

David Ellett – NHL for 16 seasons
(Hockey Heroes Weekend Moncton NB)

hypnotherapy FAQs

Session Investment

$350 + tax Regular Session
$500 + tax Stop Smoking Session 


We start with a plan of one session and if that is all we need fantastic. However, if there is value in additional work of course that is an option but my goal is to give you the most effective process and the most efficient use of your time.


Please understand that one Hypnosis session with me can be equivalent to years of integrative therapies.


What separates my work from others is that you are not alone after you leave my clinic. You will have access to share your journey with me for as long as you'd like, even if you need a boost of inspiration, I will be right alongside you. Your success is my success. 

Approximately 4 to 6 months. 


Once you fill out the questionnaire let me know if you want to be on the cancellation list. This way you may get in sooner BUT keep in mind clients do not cancel often. 

My hypnotherapy sessions are covered by MOST extended healthcare insurance.


I’m a certified Naturopath (N.C) with A.C.P.N.N (Academy of Professional Naturopaths and Naturotherapists) and a member of A.P.N.N (Alliance of Naturopaths and Naurotherapists). 


Membership #1117-20, Blue Cross #176185 under Jason Vautour.


***PLEASE check with your insurance provider prior to your session to see if you are covered***

Unfortunately not.


You will be emailed a payment link 24hrs before your session and once paid in full you'll receive a receipt that you can submit to your insurance provider. 

Hypnosis can simply be defined as a state of heightened suggestibility in which you’re able to reprogram your mind and body for success. It’s an integrative process of rebuilding habits and behaviors, as well as emotions, beliefs, and feelings.

Have you ever found yourself completely immersed in an activity to the exclusion of everything else? That is a natural trance state. Common examples of this are while watching a movie and becoming transfixed in the plot. Or in working intently and finding that the last four hours have flown by without your conscious awareness. Perhaps you have been reading a book and been so transfixed that you did not hear someone come in and speak with you. Perhaps they surprised you or “woke” you from the state of mind and had to repeat their salutation to you.

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state you’ve already experienced thousands of times. It is not manipulation, mind control, or magic. It simply is a tool that will allow you to tap into the power of your mind and take control of your life.

Yes! Anyone who is willing to be hypnotized can experience the state. When working with an experienced professional, the techniques and program will be customized for you.

Our clients report they easily achieve the state and can use it for their continued success long after the sessions are over.

No. Hypnosis is a state of mind that requires consent. You will be aware of what I am saying during the session, and cannot be made to do against your own morals.


You cannot be made to tell secrets while experiencing hypnosis.


A common misconception of hypnosis involves a potential client thinking that they may be “too strong-willed” to be hypnotized.


In fact, it’s quite the opposite.


The stronger your ability to focus and concentrate, the faster and easier you will go into hypnosis.

No. Hypnosis is actually a heightened state of awareness. The hypnotized subject is cognizant of their surroundings.


You will hear cars outside or even voices from the room next door – confirming you are alert and in control the entire time.


I also employ a number of techniques utilizing post-hypnotic suggestions, and you will remember everything that happened during your session.

Hypnosis is a natural ability of the mind that we all experience daily. The use of hypnosis has been recognized by the American Medical Association since 1958. It is completely safe when practiced by an experienced, professional hypnotist.

It is only dangerous if you are driving or operating machinery, so hypnosis audio products should not be listened to in those circumstances.

There has not been one documented case of hypnosis doing harm to a person.

By definition, hypnosis is NOT a state of relaxation, but as many issues are related to stress or anxiety we often create a profoundly relaxed state to assist in making the changes. Most people report feeling very relaxed or pleasantly lethargic. Many clients are surprised at how “normal” the experience feels, as many have been conditioned by movies or television to think there is a “magic feeling” that suddenly washes over you.

Your mind will be alert and perceptive of the suggestions it is receiving. Your focus will be directly on your experience or the words of the suggestions you are receiving.

I have a friend who tried hypnosis, and they said it didn’t work – what happened?

The success of your experience is dependent on two factors – the client’s willingness for change and the skills of the hypnotist.

If the client doesn’t have an honest desire for change, such as a smoker who is only seeing a hypnotist at the urging of a spouse, they are not prepared to accept the suggestions for positive change. If, however, the smoker is fed up with the habit and no longer wants the cigarettes to be a part of their life, they are primed for success.

Hypnosis is not a “one size fits all” process.

Your hypnosis experience with Jason Cyrus will include a pre-session interview in which we will identify your goals and custom-design a program for your success.

Sessions are scheduled for 60 to 90 minutes. You will probably have a distorted sense of time. You will feel like you have been hypnotized for just a couple of minutes, even though the hypnotic process is usually 45-60 minutes of our time together.

Jason starts working with clients at 14 years old.

What can hypnotherapy do for you?

Have you tried to improve your life, but you are having difficulty making changes?

Are unresolved issues preventing you from moving forward, taking that next step in your life, your relationships, your career?

Hypnotherapy can be beneficial to:
– Eliminate bad habits
– Effectively deal with emotional issues
– Promote wellness, physical and emotional
– Empower you to reach your goals
– Develop new skills that translate into success
– Tap your creative energy


Cindy (Stress - Mindset)


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