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I understand and agree that Jason Cyrus is an educator and unconscious coach, not a medical doctor or psychologist, and that he cannot diagnose disease, prescribe, or treat medical conditions or serious disorders. I understand that the coaching and training I am receiving from Jason Cyrus is not a substitute for normal medical care and I have been advised to discuss this procedure with any doctor who is taking care of me now or in the future. Additionally, I should continue any present medical treatment and consult my regular physician for treatment of any new or old illnesses. I am willing to be guided through various methods, including relaxation, visual imagery, creative visualization, hypnosis, Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP) and stress reduction processes for the purposes of vocational or avocational self-improvement. I also agree that Jason Cyrus or myself may terminate this relationship at any time for any reason whatsoever. I realize that although Jason Cyrus has considerable training and over a decade of experience, the training and insights he provides are not a cure, and I accept that I am paying for his time, expertise, and insights, irrespective of any particular result. I further agree to the payment of $300.00 plus tax per session ($345.00), which will be approximately 60 to 90 minutes in duration.

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